Volt Amp Co



Amplifier repairs in Stone Staffordshire.

Repairs to Valve Amplifiers, Valve Guitar Amplifiers, Transistor Guitat Amplifiers, Effects Pedals, Keyboards and other related equipment.

With over thirty years experience in Amplifier and audio electronics repairs, Geoff Pugh provides essential repair services that are rarely provided in local shops. We typically repair valve amplifiers, effects pedals, solid state amplifiers, hi-fi amplifiers, etc. Every time we repair an item, we thoroughly check and service it, to make sure any potential problems are rectified before they can have an impact.

If you are interested in our repair services, you can contact Geoff Pugh at Aston Electronics by calling 01785 812071.

Alternatively, feel free to e-mail us at gpugh@astonelectronics.co.uk.

Check back here in the future for a more specific list of items we can repair/service.



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