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Welcome to Aston Electronics, the home of the 'Guitar Amp Builder'. Dumble Overdrive

Special style amplifier.

For over 30 years, Geoff Pugh has been providing the musicians' community with vital repair services. We repair, modify and produce high quality valve amplifiers. Our services extend beyond that of just valve amplifiers and therefore we are highly skilled in repairing and modifying other products such as effects pedals, solid state amplifiers, hi-fi amplifiers, etc.

Aston Electronics is the home of Volt Amplifiers. Volt Amplifiers are a range of high quality hand made amps built on demand. Specific features and requirements can be provide you with the ultimate amp of your choice.

Aston Electronics is also the home of the Darktone pedal series. These high quality hand made pedals provide you with a huge range in tone and depth which can be vital to a players live setup. Check out the Pedals' page if you are interested in the Darktone pedal series for sound bites and pictures.

If you are interesting in building your very own valve amplifier, we also sell Amp Kits. These can then be assembled, boxed and branded however you want. The components supplied, with all our kits are the best on the market, allowing you to produce your own high quality amp at a much lower price.
Check out our Amp Kit's section for more details

Product Review

Over-drive Super OB 100


Over-drive Super OB 100



  • 19/08/12
    VK Champion Kit is now discontinued do to increased costs, if a lower priced cabinet can be sourced I will re instate the kit. Geoff

  • 21/05/12
    We will be closed for annual holiday from the 25th May to 12th June 2012. Any orders placed after the 22nd May will be shipped after the12th June. Geoff

  • 12/04/12
    Oli Brown Signature head launched, click link above to for details, to be added to the Volt Amp Co site in the next few days. Geoff

  • 09/04/12
    Oli Brown Signature head launched, Overdrive Super OB 100 Head ODV-S OB100 details posted in the next few days.

  • 10/02/12
    We only have 2 VK Champion kits left ! These will not be back in stock until Sepyember 2012.

  • 11/11/11
    We are closed for Winter holiday from 11th to 22nd November 2011.

  • 25/04/11
    The Volt Amp Co Humble 18 Combo has been reviewed by Guitar & Bass Magazine for the June 2011 issue.

  • 27/01/11
    Great News! I have had success with a new supplier for components used in the valve amp kits. I have been able to reduce the cost of some kits with immediate effect starting with the VK5. VK5 – VK5MV With Valves = £149.95 No Valves £135.00

    New kits are also planned in the next few months. Please watch this space!!



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