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Over-drive Super


The Overdrive Super ® is the standard amplifier in the ODV range

This amplifier has the same tone as the RR version, it does not have the built in buffered effects loop or Reverb

more musical instrument than amplifier. It has the sweetest ‘bell-like' clean tones, and a harmonically rich, expressive and dynamic overdrive. It will not interfere with your guitar's natural tone in any way, but you will definitely know it is there and be mighty glad that it is. If you are a player that appreciates the king sized tones of Larry Carlton and Robben Ford then we have the amp for you.


Here she is

For possibly the first time in the UK a British boutique amp builder has gone in search of the fabled “D” or ‘Dumble' sound. What started as a one-off custom amp request by Rob Rolph (guitarist) has become a mission to build a production model which holds true to the original's legendary tone, build quality and durability.


The Over-drive Super® is available in 50watt or 100watt versions and in heads or 112, (1x12) combo models. Although, 2x12 extension cabinets can be built on request. Following many months of testing, you may be surprised to find, the standard speakers fitted are Celestion G12 K100 with which we've had great results. Of course custom requests are negotiable. You want a certain driver? Okay let's talk.

There are many features with the ODV S.

There are a number of pre-amp tone shaping switches but unlike most “D” types there is no Bright switch, it proved unnecessary (Treble and Presence have got it covered). There is a Mid-Boost (footswitch able) and a Deep switch. The character of the amp and behaviour of the tone controls are all affected significantly by the Rock/Jazz switch. The Rock setting has more gain and bite (Ford-ish) and the Jazz has a sweeter smooth drive (Carlton-ish). The overdrive sound is produce by adding gain stages to this core tone, and therefore shares the same tone controls (and all boost options).

Two controls are employed to control the overdrive section. The first is Gain, which affects how much signal is fed to the overdrive stages giving you that drive tone. The second is Level; this is used to balance your OD sound level to your clean level.

There are various stages of extra boost available from the amp which work in both clean and OD modes, as mentioned earlier there is a Mid-Boost which alters the mid/treble content for a more focused tone, there is also a Pre-Amp-Boost which bypasses the tone stack for an increase in gain. As an extra feature, the amount of Pre-Amp-Boost is variable via a discrete chassis pot near the V1 valve.

The Master Volume affects both clean and OD sounds and sets the overall amp volume.

Please take note that the amp is entirely hand wired using traditional methods employing eyelet boards, common star grounding and point-to-point wiring. Remember also that the audio signal path is' tubes all the way through', no op-amps, no IC's and definitely no digital !

The output stage features separate 4, 8 and 16 ohm outputs, Full and half power switch (100 watt version), AC and standby switches and a detachable IEC power cable socket with external fuse.

The chassis is made of hi-grade aluminium.

All valves, transformers or large components are mounted directly onto the chassis.

By using extensive lengths of shielded internal signal cable, and meticulous positioning of the audio and power lines, the amp is quiet and virtually free of hum at all operating levels.

All amps are given a minium 100 hour burn in period on factory valves, to stabilise new components, plus detect any early life component failure, then it's re-valved and rebiased ready for delivery.

Every amp is delivered with a 2 year limited warranty against defects or component failure for the original registered owner. This also covers factory delivered tube failures up to 3 months after amplifier purchase. Please note- this does not include shipping costs.


The standard footswitch deploys the Overdrive, the Pre-Amp-Boost and the Mid-Boost each separately or in any combination of the three you like. All these features are also switchable from the chassis with the footswitch disconnected.

ODV S Features

15mm Birch ply cabinets with tough tolex covering and marine grade stainless steel screw fittings.

Aluminium chassis

Orange Drop capacitors

Metal Film and Carbon composite resistors.

Gold plated Neutrik jack sockets.

Carling switches

Alpha potentiometers (solid metal shaft)

High quality Tyco miniature toggle switches.

Full function foot switch included.

ODV S Specifications

Size (width x depth x height):

Head: 21" x 10.5" x 11"

Weight (Head):

100-Watt 40 lbs


Tube compliment:

3 X 12AX7 preamp tubes

2 X 6L6 (50 Watt)

4 X 6L6 (100 Watt)



Input Impedance: 1 Meg

Output impedances: 4 and 8 and 16 Ohms


ODV S 50 Head


ODV S 50 112 Combo


ODV S 100 Head


ODV S 100 112 Combo


Incidentally , The Volt Over-drive Super is not just a precision amplifier; it is designed to be a musical instrument in its own right.

If you are interested in the Over-drive Super (ODV S), please contact us, by either Clicking Here or Telephoning us at 01785 812071.

Demonstration available at our local studio by appointment.

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